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Our Services

Our Services

“Comprehensive tutor support to parents who chose to educate their children at home”

On-line tutor services;

Tutoring and extra classes in small groups – often tutoring is provided on a one-on-one basis depending on subjects;

Guidance in the preparation for tests and examinations, mapping out of projects and assignments and assistance with portfolio work;

The latest interactive technologies are used to support learners in their tutor experience;

Additional tutor services offered in afternoons for learners requiring individual assistance in subjects where specific outcomes are required;

Assistance available to parents and learners requiring guidance on subject choices or vocational guidance;

Guidance and assistance to parents ensuring success in educating a child at home;

Assistance with study methods and time management;

Various workshops for home education learners and parents throughout the year – please enquire for more information as a variety of relevant topics are available.

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